Publications and preprints

Here is the most recent version of my curriculum vitae.

Warning: Preprint versions of some papers might differ from the published versions of the papers. According to the Copyright Transfer Agreements which are required by some journals, I cannot replace here some preprint versions with the published versions. The published version of each manuscript is available online on the corresponding journal webpage.

19. Cavallo, J., Flegg, M. B., “Generalized reversible Smoluchowski kinetics”, SIAM J Appl Math (under review).  

18. Maderazo, D., Flegg, J. A., Neeland, M., de Veer, M., Flegg, M. B., “Physiological factors leading to a successful vaccination: a computational approach”, PLOS Comput. Biol. (under review).

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16. Lawson, B. A., Flegg, M. B., A mathematical model for the induction of the mammalian ureteric bud. J Theor Biol, 394, 43-56 (2016)  [link to article] [download preprint]

15. Yates, C. A., Flegg, M. B., The pseudo-compartment method for coupling PDE and compartment-based models of diffusion. J R Soc Interface, 12(106), 20150141 (2015)  [link to article] [download preprint]

14. Flegg, M. B., Hellander, S., Erban, R., Convergence of methods for coupling of microscopic and mesoscopic reaction-diffusion simulations. J Comput Phys, 289, 1-17 (2015)  [link to article] [download preprint]

13. Robinson, M., Flegg, M. B., Erban, R., Adaptive two-regime method: application to front propagation. J Chem Phys, 140, 124109 (2014)  [link to article] [download preprint]

12. Langton, C. M., Wille, M. L., Flegg, M. B., A deconvolution method for deriving the transit time spectrum for ultrasound propagation through cancellous bone replica models. Proc Inst Mech Eng H, 228(4), 321-329 (2014)  [link to article] [download preprint TBA]

11. Flegg, M. B., Chapman, S. J., Zheng, L., Erban, R., Analysis of the two-regime method on square meshes. SIAM J Sci Comput, 36(3), B561-B588 (2014). [link to article] [download preprint]

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9. Flegg, M. B., Rudiger, S., Erban, R., Diffusive spatio-temporal noise increases IP3R calcium channel puff frequency. J Chem Phys , 138, 154103 (2013)  [link to article] [download preprint]

8. Franz, B., Flegg, M. B., Chapman, S. J., Erban, R., Multiscale reaction-diffusion algorithms: PDE-assisted Brownian dynamics. SIAM J Appl Math 73(3), 1224-1247 (2013) [link to article] [download preprint]

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6. Flegg, M.B., Chapman, S.J., Erban, R.E., The two-regime method for optimizing stochastic reaction-diffusion simulations. J R Soc Interface, 9(70), 859-868 (2012). [link to article] [download preprint]

5. Burchill, M.J., Gramotnev, D.K., Gramotnev, G., Davison, B.M., Flegg, M.B., Monitoring and analysis of combustion aerosol emissions from fast moving diesel trains. Sci Total Environ, 409(5), 985 (2011). [link to article]

4. Flegg, M.B., Mason, D.R.,Gramotnev, D.K., Gramotnev, G., A method for the analysis of thermal tweezers for manipulation and trapping of nanoparticles and adatoms on crystalline surfaces. J Appl Phys, 107(10), 104317 (2010). [link to article] [download preprint]

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1. Flegg, M.B., Gramotnev, D.K., Exact solution for stochastic degradation and fragmentation processes in arbitrary chain and ring aggregates with multiple bonds. Phys Rev E, 77, 021105 (2008). [link to article] [download preprint]

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